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Welcome to Daily E-Med(itations)! These are sent out 5 days per week directly to your email inbox and cover a whole book, section of Scripture or topic in one year.

If you subscribe after a series begins (at the first of  the year) you can pick up where we are in the current series.

To read previous years’ E-Meds,  clicking on one of the titles at the top navigation menu of this page. You can read those online at your own schedule.

You can also find these E-Meds published book form in our bookstore.

Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts. We trust these short writings will be an encouragement and stimulus in your faith walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chuck Gianotti

3 Responses to About E-Meds

  1. Ken Barker says:

    Your daily meditations are excellent and so insightful!

    My Dad was a self-employed printer. When I was a teenager, he taught me to set type and to proofread. Even today, some 56 years later, I “wince” when I see errors. I notice some of these in your statement of faith.

  2. P.J. Hughes says:

    Alexander Strauch directed me to this site

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