Day by Day in Hebrews


Verse by verse, study in the form of daily readings for the busy elder, through the Book of Hebrews.



By comparison with other books of the Bible, Hebrews can seem to be not so relevant for our everyday lives. Chapter 11 (the “Hall of Faith” chapter) and a few verses here and there amount to all that many Christians know about the book. In our world of “instant everything,” digging for gold takes some effort. In the case of Hebrews, the abundance of spiritual gold to be found is well worth the effort.

The magnificent Christ emerges from the text: He is better than angels, than Moses, than the High Priest, than the sacrificial system, than the tabernacle. And that mysterious individual Melchizedek turns out to be a very important biblical figure; the reason why is exciting!

May these expository meditations catapult you into greater enjoyment of our Lord Jesus. We can give no greater glory to God than to exalt His Son through our growing appreciation of His glory.  “[Jesus] is the radiance of His [God’s] glory …” (Heb 1:3a)

Dimensions:  6 x 9 x .75 inches
Author: Chuck Gianotti
Cover: Paperback
Page count: 320


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