Leadership Principles


Volume 3 in the Elders’ ShopNotes series.




Leadership is important for any and all organizations, whether church, para-church, non-profit, government or business. While many principles found in Scripture are helpful in all these arenas, we are particularly interested in how leadership works in the local church. The local body of Christ is a unique organization because it is also a living organism. A common analogy in the New Testament for the church is that of a body, the body of Christ. We are all members of  Christ, and are brothers and sisters in Him, with God as our father. We are connected in the local church not  along earthly bloodlines, but along the spiritual bloodline of our Lord Jesus Christ. So the principles of leadership that concern us here must take into considerations the family nature of the church.

Volume 3 in the Elders’ ShopNotes series

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x .6 inches
Author: Chuck Gianotti & Jack Spender
Cover: Paperback
Page count: 229


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