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Elder’s ShopNotes are designed for today’s busy elders. The items in these ShopNotes can be read in minutes. They are filled with many practical ideas for personal, spiritual development and improving an elder’s effectiveness as a shepherd to God’s flock. They will stimulate your thinking and provide creative suggestions for effective leadership. I highly recommend that every elder read these notes regularly and discuss them with fellow elders. Alexander Strauch, author of “Biblical Eldership”

Just a note to say that we appreciate the new paper that you and your colleagues are putting out, Elders’ ShopNotes. It is timely and needed. I feel that some of the articles could well be translated into Japanese. Missionary in Japan

Yesterday I received the samples of Elder’s ShopNotes and read through it. I enjoyed the material and appreciate that the notes aren’t excessively long, allowing busy elders to read through it and avoiding the temptation to put it aside for “later reading.” Thank you for thinking of us out here in the Amazon. I would like to receive ESN and would only need one copy since my wife and I are the only English speaking believers in town. As I was reading through ESN I thought of the possibility of translating certain articles into Spanish . This would be for distribution to elders here in the assembly in the Amazon. Missionary in the Amazon

May the Lord give you much wisdom, insight and energy as you seek to serve Him in this endeavor. Thanks for sending us the Elders ShopNotes. It is spectacular. It is especially what we need here and just at the right level. We NEED this kind of material and know it would be accepted all over South America. Please keep us on the list and I am serious about officially doing something to get it into Spanish and getting it distributed to Latin assemblies. Missionary in Colombia, S.A.

[An associate] gave me a copy of “ShopNotes” which I very much enjoyed reading. I have shared copies of it with a couple of the other men in the assembly and they enjoyed it as well. I realize that shipping a copy to the Philippines might be a bit difficult, but if a bi-monthly copy could be sent to my Stateside address, so that I will not miss out on any issues before we come home in June, that would be most appreciated. Missionary in Philippines

I am the pastor of Christ Community Church, a small non-denominational church. A friend recently placed a copy of the November issue of Elders’ ShopNotes in my hand. It is a wonderful publication that I would love to utilize as a training and encouragement tool with the 8 members of our Leadership Team. A pastor in W.Va.

Thank you for your valuable work and ministry in bringing about the “Elders ShopNotes”. In our men’s meeting [a brother] shared with us some thoughts about this. I would love to placed on your mailing list to receive this publication. Thank you. Elder in Connecticut

Thanks for the elders’ ShopNotes, which we have been enjoying. They have addressed some important issues. We would like to increase that to 10 copies/issue. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry. Fulltime worker in Ontario

Greatly enjoyed issue one. Most appreciated was the relevance to daily responsibilities. Put me on your mailing list. Elder in Rochester, NY

I have been enjoying your shop notes. The articles are timely. They are short articles yet have good content. Elder in Ontario

Many thanks for the first issue of ESN. Someone has put a lot of time and thought into that issue. Not only was there much good meat for elders and their wives but a little milk that wouldn’t do “youngers” any harm if they read it. I’m looking forward to the next issue. Elder in Ontario

I found it interesting and instructive. As a potential future elder I would enjoy being put on the mailing list. Potential elder

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  1. Dave Black says:


    Thanks for your fine work, along with the other regular contributers, on the ESN.

    Here in Ottawa, we are looking forward to your visit. We meet as elders Wednesday (Nov. 26th) to plan ahead.

    I was blessed by your work in Sept. on the lead article “A Model to Follow”. On Wednesday, I will be proposing that we (i.e the elders and deacons) arrange a special January workshop with you to get your perspective on XYZ, (where XYZ would be something you feel exercised to discuss with us). Any suggestions?

    Things are good right now at Rideauview. You will not be coming to solve problems, but exercise us to serve faithfully together as a church.

    See you in 2009.
    Dave Black

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