Messages from our 2013 conference: 

To be posted

Messages from our 2011 conference: 

Dr. Bill McRae

Becoming a Man of Integrity
The Leader and His Family
Managing Expectations

Bob Deffinbaugh

Joseph and the Making of a Spiritual Leader #1
Joseph and the Making of a Spiritual Leader #2
The Joys and Sorrows of NT Leadership

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  1. Mary Lou (Manion) Flood says:

    Bill McRae was my pastor in the late 50’s, early 60’s when he pastored the Bible Chapel in Renfrew, Ontario. He and his wife Marilyn, had a wonderful youth ministry, and led me and friends of mine to Jesus Christ at an early age. Their influence and teachings have stayed with me all these years, and the faith they instilled has carried me through many ups and downs in my life. I thank God for them. I’ve lost track of them over the years, and would love to be in touch with them again.

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