Tips for studying this course

To get the most out of this online course, we suggest the following:

1) Before you begin, read through the entire book of 1 Corinthians. And for each lesson, read the 1-3 chapters ahead to refresh your memory. Of course, while watching the session, make sure you have your Bible open and are following along.

2) Click on one of the lesson links to the left. We encourage you to follow these in order, as the each lesson builds on the previous ones.

3) For each lesson, download the student notes first. These provide an outline for following the lecture and for note taking. The extent of your learning increases hugely when you become an active listener and take notes. You are encouraged to stop the video at any time to take more time for notes or to consider other passages.

4) At the end of each session, print down the assignment associated with the lesson. These extra work projects are designed to give you further study into matters related to the lecture. If you would like feedback on these, e-mail your finished assignment to the instructor.

5) Feel free to e-mail or call the instructor (585-429-5435) for questions (Biblical, technical or otherwise).

6) All download files require a PDF reader. You can get a free copy by clicking on the following:

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