Gospel According To Matthew

Matthew, the author, was a practical man, more concerned with his financial, material advancement than about loyalties to fellow Israelites. Despised by the Jewish people as a turncoat. That was before his life changing interaction with Jesus Christ. Immediately upon his conversion he threw a reception for all his associates in order to introduce them to Jesus (Luke 5:28-29). So, from the get-go, he exhibited a penchant for introducing people to Christ.  The Gospel account that bears his name is simply a continuation of the Holy Spirit’s work in his life, the benefit of which continues do to the present day.

This course will provide a broad framework for understanding Matthew’s  biography of the Lord Jesus Christ. He present Christ as the King, the long expected Messiah of Israel.

You can access each lesson by clicking on the appropriate links to the right. Each lesson contains an audio/visual file which can be viewed on your screen. In addition, hand notes are available for download for each lesson. These will require a PDF reader. You can get a free copy by clicking on the following:

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